Monday, 18 March 2013

Product photography Offer:  Exclusive to Directory members

10% off workshop prices if booked before the end of May 2013

We have all been having an interesting discussion over on the facebook page about product photography.  Lots of people took the time to add their thoughts and answer the poll which we really appreciated, thank you.

Most people felt that they had a good idea of what made a great product shot, although they felt they did not always get the best out of their equipment or set up.  Some people did not feel taking shots with IPhones gave them the desired outcome.

Last year I bought myself a DSLR and thought it would solve all my problems with product photography.  I even got a light box for Christmas!  With each new gadget, photography becomes more complicated. To be quite honest I do not have the time to read manuals and practise until I remember where each function is on my camera!  I barely get the manual open to the index before someone needs my undivided attention.

I have plans for this blog that go beyond writing thoughts and sharing hints and tips,  if these plans are to develop then I need to brush up on my photographic skills!  I did not know how this would happen and then along came Tina, of Tina Bolton Photography Ltd!

Tina runs a page called Cameras and Cake

Tina runs photographic workshops. You can visit her website by using the link below. Tina has designed a three hour workshop that mixes photography and cake.  Mmmm, cake. Sounds don't get to eat straight away though!  The cake is used as a prop during the workshop, providing you with endless opportunity to fine tune your skills with Tina's expert tuition.  

Needless to say I shall be booking myself on one of these very soon!  Book before the end of May to take advantage of the 10% discount.


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